Building Biology - natural healthy buildings

Building Biology is a science that leads to natural, healthy, ecological homes, schools, and workplaces that exist in harmony with the environment.  In short, comfortable healthy buildings made from natural materials such as straw bale, hemp lime, cob and rammed earth.

We spend lots of time indoors and exposure to even low amounts of potentially harmful chemicals can affect our long term health and cause disease. 

Learn how to design comfortable buildings with Building Biology standard, which is all about the indoor environment we create. The environment is designed around the 25 principles and is based on proven testing methods.  The standard defines measurable criteria that allows testing to see whether the environment in a building is healthy for the occupants.

Building Biology training

Low Carbon Trust in partnership with The Green Register are running a series of linked events at Earthship Brighton in Stanmer Park on Building Biology.  The events can be booked as individual seminars or as a whole days on the 14th and 21st March.

Seminar One: Building Biology – the basics: this session introduces the 25 building biology principles, gives an overview of design strategies to meet the Building Biology standard and how other UK performance (eco and health) standards compare.  This session is on 14th March from 1030 to 1315.

Seminar Two: Material Specification: this seminar is about choosing materials and the role they have in achieving a healthy indoor environment. Material choice can help regulate internal humidity, reduce dust and other particles and reduce the risk of bacteria and the growth of mould.  This seminar will give an overview of the principles behind building biology compliant construction materials, how materials are assessed under this standard, common issues and challenges when sourcing materials and where reliable sources of information can be found.  It will also focus on specification of internal finishes.  This session is on 14th March from 1400 to 1700.

Seminar Three: Services Design: this seminar covers lighting, ventilation, hot water, heating and plumbing. The services we used to condition our buildings play a vital role in contributing to a healthy environment.  This seminar covers the basics behind a successful Building Biology compliant, resource efficient, healthy services design that can also be applied to Passivhaus projects.  The session includes case study examples from build projects.  This session is on 21st March from 1030 to 1315.

Seminar Four: the Building Biology standard & testing methods: this seminar will cover the Building Biology (SBM2015) standard, including what it is about, how tests are conducted and the tools used.  The session will involve a selection of standard measurement tools and testing equipment and participants will have the opportunity to use them themselves.  This session is on 21st March from 1400 to 1700.

About the trainer

The course is presented by Tomas Gaertner one of the experts in the field. Tomas is an architect, certified Building Biologist IBN and founding Director of the Building Biology Association.  He is also a director of SE3Design a design led RIBA chartered practice specialising in human-centred, ecological and sustainable design.

If you are interested in attending then please contact us or book the sessions directly on The Green Register website.