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The wood fuel course is a one-day course run at Earthship Brighton in partnership with Brighton Permaculture Trust.

The wood fuel course is for anyone interested in heating their home with would and is suitable for beginners.  The course will cover the basics of home heating with wood fuel.  This includes the benefits of fuel autonomy, low carbon, local economies and sustainability. These topics run throughout the course connect the theory with the practicality.  The next course date is:

  • Saturday 22nd April 2017

Wood fuel covers several technologies; traditional split logs, woodchip and wood pellet. Each of these will be discussed with focus put on those of most interest to the group. There will be plenty of time to ask questions during the sessions and at the end.

Course participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Woodlands & firewood production, buying wood fuel and conversion to heat
  • Woodsheds & storage, moisture content and drying, and continuous supply management
  • Types of stove & technologies
  • Pellet and chip systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Integration with other renewable energy systems

The course tutor is Andy Reynolds, who is a long-term practitioner in low impact living.  Andy has been running his family home on wood, solar and wind for several decades. Andy is the author of Heating with Wood and runs a YouTube channel to provide open source ideas and information.  A copy of Andy's book will be given to participants as part of this course.

Mischa Hewitt will be assisting. Mischa was one of the project managers of Earthship Brighton, is the author of the book Earthships in Europe, and has an MSc in Architecture from the Centre for Alternative Technology.  He is a Passivhaus Designer and Commercial Energy Assessor and has worked on many eco-building projects.

To see details of the course click here.