What we do

Low Carbon Trust was established to increase awareness about the links between buildings that people live and work in, the carbon dioxide emissions that are produced by this and the resulting climate change.

The two main approaches we use are innovative community construction projects, such as Earthship Brighton, and extensive communications work, including sustainable construction training courses, tours and Eco Education Days for schools.

The buildings we build are designed with training in mind to empower people and communities to realise new skills and gain the confidence to use them. Our work includes communicating best practice to the construction industry and government to enable the faster uptake of low carbon technologies and approaches to building.

We also promote the use of energy efficiency and water conservation measures in existing houses, and raise awareness of the tools that are available to lower carbon emissions from these buildings. The Low Carbon Trust exists to demonstrate how a low carbon future may look and to spread the word through projects to make this happen.

Our work is made possible by a wide variety of generous people, grant making organisations and companies who support us.

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