Mini-beast homes

Mini-beasts play an essential role within an ecosystem by breaking down waste matter and being a food source for larger creatures.

Mini-beast hunts provide fun interactive learning experiences for all children, and the creatures can easily be viewed close-up using magnifying glasses.

In this workshop, we will work in small groups to make our own mini-beast homes using sustainably-sourced local wood from native British trees and shrubs. Using simple household tools, we will whittle down greenwood sticks, which form the basis of the home.

The workshop involves teamwork and safe tool handling, understanding of tree growth and ID, as well as providing a rich sensory experience from working with greenwood.  The mini-beast homes provide a focal point for future mini-beast hunts and studies, as well as helping to increase species biodiversity.

This workshop can be adapted for a variety of ages and abilities, and examples can be given on how to further extend this activity when back at school if required.

If you are interested in arranging an Eco Education Day then please contact us.