Earthship Brighton tour

Green concepts and technologies come to life in Earthship Brighton, an award winning and innovative pioneer eco-building.   There’s a lot to see, including renewable power sources, rainwater harvesting and the use of low impact materials in building construction.
The tour can be pitched at a level appropriate to any age group and seeks to encourage participants to consider how they might be able to incorporate these energy saving practices into their homes and schools.   In encouraging children to identify how they might apply these best practices in their everyday environments, a sense of stewardship is engendered so that they come to see themselves as part of the bigger picture.
In order to facilitate a classroom follow up of the learning from the tour, we can provide a worksheet with a simple diagram of the building with spaces for labelling the different construction materials, design components and the green technologies incorporated in it.  The fascination inspired by this visually striking construction and the opportunity for hands on interaction with it makes a tour of the Earthship an essential part of every environmental education day.  

If you are interested in arranging an Eco Education Day then please contact us.