Organic food and biodiversity

This is a fun and interactive workshop which explores the place of humans in the history of the planet. We will discover the various sources of nutrition that humans have consumed throughout history; focusing on our impact on the environment as consumers and our changing relationship with nature.

The workshop will be analysing current farming methods in terms of sustainability and exploring potential solutions such as organic or bio-dynamic farming and a permaculture approach. It will be interspersed with exciting practical activities such as foraging for foods that either our ancestors may have utilised or those that could become the foods of our future!

Depending on the season we will be trying things you might never have even imagined were edible, ranging from tree crop leaves, a plant so lemony that you cant keep a straight face to raw stinging nettles. Participants will have the opportunity to experientially learn about a variety of methods of food growing, from organic growing to more unconventional systems such as forest gardening, harvesting tree crops and growing mushrooms out of dead wood.

The workshops will vary depending on seasons and be adapted to be age appropriate and inclusive, but please contact in advance with information about specific needs.

If you are interested in arranging an Eco Education Day then please contact us.