Earthships in Europe

Earthships in Europe is a book about earthships projects in Europe and the lessons learned.  The Earthship is a building concept that has evolved over the last 30 years and represents a pioneering form of low energy residential building that holistically tackles a variety of sustainability issues.  Please note that the book is currently only available in pdf format as it is out of print for paper copies.

About Earthships in Europe

"I salute this survey of the experimental and the innovative, of 'first adopters' and adventurers who inform the wider world with their exploits. They are the heroes of the construction world and this book is a fitting tribute." - Kevin McCloud

There is an urgent need for radical and widespread change in construction that not only concentrates on cutting carbon emissions and leaving a positive building legacy for generations to come, but that also demonstrates an increased harmony with the natural world.  Earthships in Europe, shows how Earthships provide valuable lessons on how to achieve all of these goals.

Earthships in Europe includes case studies of people who have built Earthships in France, Spain and Britain and a round-up of other projects.  It also includes analysis of the most detailed thermal monitoring ever carried out on an Earthship (of Earthship Brighton) and this is used to make a series of design recommendations to help make Earthships more effective in different climatic conditions.

Whether you're interested in building your own home or in the future of housing then this book is for you.

What people are saying about Earthships in Europe on Amazon:

"Great introduction and background information for anyone interested in building and earthship, excellent full colour photographs, i recommend this for anyone." - J. A. Smith

"Great book about earthships! I would highly recommend!" - Hugo

"Superbly written and essential reading.  A must for your library if you are a self builder, sustainable construction professional or are just interested in the way buildings should be built. Would definately recommend." - Paul B

"Very recommendable for those looking for alternatives, learning to improve their lives by themselves, tips on energetically efficient homes, materials, etc." - Michael

"Very good book which give you practical tips on the design of an earthship. Informative regarding earthship systems, water harvesting and many other considerations." - Ludwig Everson

"The reason to buy this book is because you will get a deep insight about the challenges of building your earthship in Europe and even more so in Britain and also it summarises very well all of the current scientific literature about the performance of these structures in the European climate. It offers ideas, based on the results of measurements done inside earthships in many places, to improve Reynolds's design so that it will perform better in the European climates, both in the northern parts and further South.  Don't start building an earthship in Europe or in the Middle East without reading this book." - Sarit Alony

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