Groundhouse Build & Cook

"A much needed synthesis of home and lifestyle, of house and garden and a reminder of how we could all be living with reduced dependency" - Kevin McCloud

In 2010 Grand Designs first broadcast its episode on the building of an earthship in Brittany by Daren Howarth and Adi Nortje. Its been heavily repeated since, and to help others with their own projects, Daren and Adi are further sharing the practical and inspirational experiences of the year and a half they 'lived' the building of this beautiful home.

They have self-published 'Groundhouse Build + Cook', with a foreword by Kevin McCloud.  It's a totally unique book. 124 pages long, half of which is given over to the beautiful images from building and living in the Groundhouse. This highly illustrated ‘how to’ book is designed to inspire, showing the essence of what needs to be done to create an ecohome based on earthship biotecture – as simply as possible with the minimum of technical jargon.

It’s a flip book as well.  With half the book an original collection of the 30 best recipes, inspired by the people who joined in and shared their cooking skills as well.

What people are saying:

"A true 'work of heart'. Groundhouse covers the building of one extraordinary house...celebrating hte food that fuelled the construction process as much as the house assembled...this is a book which is delicious in every sense" - Rob Hopkins

"Groundhouse doesn't aim to be a detailed 'how to build' manual but shows main steps and inspires to make it seem doable.  That's (some of) the beauty of this book: both the build notes and cooking recipes inspire not dictate as they move through the seasons...the recipes are simple to follow, wholesome and delicious.  The other beauty of the book is the photos and graphics!" - Don Mclean

To find out more or order your own copy, please visit Daren and Adi's site