Stanmer Organics - an overview

Stanmer Organics is a unique project situated on 17 acres of Soil Association accredited land, in the beautiful Stanmer Park in Brighton. It is a not-for-profit consortium with expanding membership, presently with 16 groups.

Stanmer Organics has an open day on Sunday 21st May.

Stanmer Organics is committed to environmental protection and improvement and is a flagship Local Agenda 21 project for Brighton and Hove. Stanmer Organics creates different spaces that work practically and aesthetically. The member groups offer a diverse range of resources and activities detailed below.

Stanmer Organics activities include: Habitat creation, growing trees and wildflowers for conservation planting, permaculture, school grounds, private and public gardens, food production for sale locally, culinary and medicinal herbs for cafes and restaurants, educational visits, renewable technology, earth kilns for traditional firing techniques, green wood working, providing therapeutic space, play areas, orchards and ponds, sculpture, and the making of artworks with natural materials.

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and get involved with various groups.  If any of the above activities interest you then please contact us.