Timeline start - the project begins

  • April 2000 Earthship pioneer Mike Reynolds, gives a presentation to 150 people at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton.
  • Summer 2000 The Low Carbon Network is founded by people and various local organisations in Brighton and Hove to build the first Earthship in England. A suitable site identified at Stanmer Organics, Stanmer Park, offering synergy with existing land based projects to build a community centre for environmental education.
  • Spring 2001 Earthship preliminary design worked up by Clifton Design and submitted for planning permission by Brighton Permaculture Trust. City Councillors grant draft planning permission.
  • December 2001 Low Carbon Network incorporates, becoming Low Carbon Network Ltd. January 2002 Business plan and major funding applications are developed and submitted by C Level and Low Carbon Network.
  • Feb 2002 BOC Foundation supports Earthship Brighton. Biffaward in principle joins BOC with majority funding covering all phases of the project. LCN secures Environmental Body status from ENTRUST, the government regulator for landfill tax credits (Biffaward).

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