Timeline 2004/05 - installing power & water

  • Summer 2004 University of Brighton 'Durabuild' program begins a 3 year study into the thermal performance of Earthship Brighton and installs 32 temperature probes throughout the building. EDF Energy's 'Green Fund' helps support the cost of the renewable power systems. Earthship Brighton is weatherproofed and all the floor slabs are poured with eco-cement. This is the first use of this low carbon pioneering technology in the UK.
  • October/November 2004 International Earthship Summit is held at University of Brighton. 95 delegates attend from across Europe.  Open Eye Media screens footage of the British project.  Mosaic floors laid in conservatory and the 'hut' module.  Two philanthropic societies lend support to the project.
  • Summer 2005 In the midst of a drought and hosepipe ban throughout the South East, Earthship Brighton harvests over 20k litres of rainwater in 6 weeks during July and August.
  • October/November 2005 With DTI and Energy Saving Trust funding the 20kW Power systems are installed, including the first wind turbine in Brighton and Hove. Septic tank also installed. Low Carbon Trust wins the South East Renewable Sustainable Energy Awards for the Earthship Brighton project in the field of innovation.

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